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Stellar Ink Pony  -  One Tiny Memory / Stellar Drone

cover back

RELEASE DATE: 12 05 14


Stellar Ink Pony's debut abounds with melodic flourishes, organic, cohesive textures and delicate rhythms. A jazzy excursion into a strangely familiar territory that is sonically Stellar Ink Pony's own. Third in the series of 7"s, this release is also available as a lossless digital download via Bandcamp and as a free mp3 download via the link below. Art by Jonatan Iversen-Ejve with mastering by Audible Oddities.

AUDIO: Ambient, IDM, glitch, neo-jazz


play-16  1. Stellar Ink Pony - One Tiny Memory 05:36 

play-16  2. Stellar Ink Pony - Stellar Drone 05:06 

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Lodsb - Helicon 1

RELEASE DATE - 22/05/2014

Lodsb returns to Retort Records for his third full length, with a slab of headfuck techno for the adventurous dancefloor. On offer here are five excursions into 4/4, each carrying Lodsb's inimitable dense layering and flickering percussion to their own challenging conclusions. Cover art duties here are handled by Sophia Sobers, with a beautiful rendition lifted from her Organic Cities series.

Mastered deftly by Joel Aime Beauchamp.

Pressed to thick 180g vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies, with initial pressings available on an orange/black marble.

AUDIO: techno modular experimental avant-garde


play-16  1. Lodsb - Sylt               9:54 

play-16  2. Lodsb - Usedom         7:56 

play-16  3. Lodsb - Pellworm       7:32 

play-16  4. Lodsb - Föhr              9:09 

play-16  5. Lodsb - Rügen         12:54 


Asylum Seaker  -  Signature Strike

Textured melodies belie the tense undertones inherent in this debut release, a foreboding ambient techno creeper from Australian audio visual explorer Lewis Smart.
This release marks the first in an open ended series of odyssean epics to be brought to you by Retort,and is available as a free release via the links below:
Mastered at Audible Oddities with cover art by the composer.

AUDIO: Ambient, Techno, Drone


play-16  1. Asylum Seaker - Signature Strike 33:17 




Xenoscapes's enchanting excursion into broken downbeat techno captures the essential contradiction of his playfully sombre compositions. Atmospheric and unhurried, the composition deftly maneuvres through a pensive soundscape into post industrial textures and skittering percussion. Music for over a dark horizon.

Written & produced by Benny McGrigor

Art by Karla Castaneda


AUDIO: techno ambient IDM broken soundscapes


play-16  1.  Xenoscapes - Cities from Prehistoric 15:19



This modular synth epic captures the restrained arpeggiated developments of classic Tangerine Dream and 70's space rock. Marking Zen Paradox's first release on Retort, it engages with the enchanting intricacies of its subtle progression of melody and texture.


Written & produced by Steve Law. Recorded Feb 2012 at Solitary Sound, North Melbourne. Mastered by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat.
Cover art by Sylvan O'Reilly

"Dedicated to my dear friend Peter Farnell (1946 - 2013)."

AUDIO: Ambient, modular, space rock


play-16  1. Zen Paradox - Magnetosphere 28:11