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Lodsb - Helicon 1

RELEASE DATE - 22/05/2014

Lodsb returns to Retort Records for his third full length, with a slab of headfuck techno for the adventurous dancefloor. On offer here are five excursions into 4/4, each carrying Lodsb's inimitable dense layering and flickering percussion to their own challenging conclusions. Cover art duties here are handled by Sophia Sobers, with a beautiful rendition lifted from her Organic Cities series.

Mastered deftly by Joel Aime Beauchamp.

Pressed to thick 180g vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies, with initial pressings available on an orange/black marble.

AUDIO: techno modular experimental avant-garde


play-16  1. Lodsb - Sylt               9:54 

play-16  2. Lodsb - Usedom         7:56 

play-16  3. Lodsb - Pellworm       7:32 

play-16  4. Lodsb - Föhr              9:09 

play-16  5. Lodsb - Rügen         12:54