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Stellar Ink Pony  -  One Tiny Memory / Stellar Drone

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RELEASE DATE: 12 05 14


Stellar Ink Pony's debut abounds with melodic flourishes, organic, cohesive textures and delicate rhythms. A jazzy excursion into a strangely familiar territory that is sonically Stellar Ink Pony's own. Third in the series of 7"s, this release is also available as a lossless digital download via Bandcamp and as a free mp3 download via the link below. Art by Jonatan Iversen-Ejve with mastering by Audible Oddities.

AUDIO: Ambient, IDM, glitch, neo-jazz


play-16  1. Stellar Ink Pony - One Tiny Memory 05:36 

play-16  2. Stellar Ink Pony - Stellar Drone 05:06