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Nam Shub & The Hi Freqs  -  ¥€$

Psychedelic breakcore pioneer Nam Shub of Enki returns with a delightfully varied album of his signature twisted breaks and  maniacal melodies. With previous releases on Demon Tea, Creative Space and most recently, Cock Rock Disco, this LP shows further facets of Nam Shub's instantly identifiable compositions, as he shows himself equally comfortable with bass heavy dubs frenetic ravecore and stark soundscapes. Pressed to heavy 180G vinyl, it's is limited to 300 copies, and is accompanied by a lossless digital download.

AUDIO: Acid Psychedelic Breakcore Shubstep Techno IDM


play-16  1. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Milanesque  05:47

play-16  2. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Randomnessness  05:22

play-16  3. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs- Virus Concussion  05:08

play-16  4. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Spiders & Ravens  06:21

play-16  5. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Valve Regulator  03:48

play-16  6. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Never Works  06:12

play-16  7. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Devil Flesh  05:10

play-16  8. Nam Shub & the Hi Freqs - Innumerable Explosions  04:12