lodsb - aero cover

Lodsb  -  Aero

Retort Records, in collaboration with the Centrifuge, are proud to present this remarkable LP from emerging electronic composer Lodsb. Fresh from his debut release lazer.eyes.love on Force Intel, Lodsb steps the processing up a notch on this release, a no holds barred excursion into digitaL deconstruction. Disturbing and beautiful in equal parts, this album is not for the casual listener, but is rather an intricate and overwhelming excursion into dense and challenging territory. Released on heavy vinyl with a deluxe gatefold, the pressing is limited to 300 copies, accompanied by a lossless digital download.

AUDIO: IDM, DSP, Glitch, Neo-classical, Acid, Techno,


play-16  1. Lodsb - Vesa  10:13

play-16  2. Lodsb - Lynx  06:27

play-16  3. Lodsb - Zinc  06:05

play-16  4. Lodsb - Mino  05:24

play-16  5. Lodsb - Orca  05:06

play-16  6. Lodsb - Neon  05:29

play-16  7. Lodsb - Cyan  04:03

play-16  7. Lodsb - Wasp  07:59