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VA - On Automata

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The debut release from Retort Records takes seven idioms and forges them into one. The disparate elements combine and establish new identity through their relationship with each other. From the tactile and uncompromising opener ‘One Like Fire’, to the concluding lounge hop of ‘Soundtrack for Endings’, On Automata looks to forsake the safety of a genre release with this uncompromising sonic odyssey. Integral to the LP release is the stunning cover art, with the inner gatefold created by Lewis Smart, while Jonathan McCabe’s Symmetric Turing Patterns grace the front and back. The pressing is limited to 300 copies, and is accompanied by a lossless digital download.

AUDIO: Abstract Glitch IDM Goa Trance Dark Ambient Experimental


play-16  1. Machine Makes Change - One Like Fire 04:14

play-16  2. Lodsb - Vlvr 05:57

play-16  3. Scozbor - Fuzzy vs Shiny 08:53

play-16  4. Sun in Aquarius - Elasticity 04:26

play-16  5. Srialdabaoth - Eight Tantric Deities Difficult to Propitiate 08:58

play-16  6. Cabal Faction - Higher Steps 03:57

play-16  7. Caural - Soundtrack for Endings 04:41